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Every Automobile Owner Needs to Learn about Tires

When I bought my first car, I was very intimidated by it. However, my dad loved cars, so he had all of the regular maintenance done for me. Once I moved far from home when I landed my first job, I learned just how much may dad did to maintain my car. Little did I know that my tires had gone almost completely bald. I learned my lesson one day when it was raining and I slammed on the brakes -- my car slid and almost hit the one in front of me! This motivated me to take my car in for maintenance and the staff told me my tires were likely the problem. I have since dedicated myself to learning more about cars to keep me safe on the road. I want to share what I am learning on a blog to help others out there stay safe, too!


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The Advantages Of Switching Your Vehicle To Industrial Synthetic Motor Oil

All car owners likely know that the motor oil they put into their car goes a long way towards reducing engine wear and tear and extending the life of the vehicle. And yet, despite the fact that they know this, quite a few car owners seem content with pouring the most basic motor oil they can find into their cars. But today, at least some car owners are beginning to see the benefits of going with an upgrade. Whether you have a high-end vehicle that requires it or you just want much better performance out of your average car, you may want to look into the benefits of industrial-grade synthetic motor oil. Here's why industrial synthetic motor oil is such an upgrade.

Go Twice as Long Between Oil Changes

Everyone knows that oil changes are important to the life of the vehicle, and yet, plenty of car owners simply put it off even when they know the car is due for a tune-up. If this sounds like you, you might be interested to know that the higher quality of industrial synthetic motor oil means it does not have to be switched out as often. Whereas a basic motor oil might need to be changed every three to five thousand miles, synthetic oil can typically last 7,500 to 10,000 miles. This likely more than makes up for the higher price of synthetic oil, and it also means you'll have to deal with working an oil change into your schedule less frequently.

Synthetic Oil Maintains Its Viscosity

Traditional motor oils tend to get a bit thick when exposed to extreme temperatures. But frigid cold is exactly when you want your motor oil to be able to step up to the plate. Synthetic oil is simply better than a basic oil at maintaining its viscosity and ability to keep flowing through the engine smoothly. If your location typically features rough temperatures in the winter or summer, synthetic oil will help your car get through whatever Mother Nature decides to do.

Less Evaporation to Deal With

There's another reason you might need to add more motor oil to your vehicle beyond just a swap out every so many miles, and that's if the motor oil is evaporating. Basic motor oils tend to evaporate more quickly than synthetic, and that means you'll likely find yourself topping it off more frequently. With more frequent top-offs, the lower price of basic motor oil will again not seem like that great of a deal. Contact a local engine oil provider to switch to an industrial synthetic motor oil today.